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Flavia tweets us adorable selfie as she heads to Morocco for Twendekazi

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If you aren’t yet hooked onto Tusker Lager‘s Twendekazi then you better do. Team 17’s Flavia Tumusiime tweeted us an adorable selfie of herself at the the airport heading to Morocco. We’ve all been waiting to see what she will be bringing on the table when her team’s leg takes the bottle. She’s paired with Anthony Gitonga.

flavia selfie

The reality TV show Tusker “Twende Kazi” is modeled on the popular TV show ‘The Amazing Race‘.  50 East African citizens have to race from Kenya to London in 50 days to take a bottle of Tusker Lager to Kenyan Rugby player Humphrey Khayange who is based in London.

So far Ugandans have made a huge mark on the show. Navio reiterated the fact that most Ugandans don’t actually speak or understand ‘Swahili’ which is a great set back. The show is about us uniting and building a bond but how shall we do that as East Africans when there’s a language barrier.

Don’t miss the next episode on  Sunday 8pm on NTV.


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