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By Satisfashion UG Style Reporter

It has been a very hot and hectic week . After the Club Music video awards that had everyone on their style toes, we expected to get see not much style through this week. Our friends in Kenya were also battling with a terror attack and so it kicked off  with a sombre mood. We pray that God grants them the strength to carry on and get back on their feet.

Getting back to style, I return yet again to present to you the most stylish fans this week.

Chuck Brian Salvator


The idea of having a white themed birthday party worked. He celebrated his birthday in style with a number of fashion forward guest present. The host had this zebra printed blazer – the coolest item we’ve seen this week. Brian knows how to dress right. We applaud him for this. Brian’s date – Anything with  lace, we have to love.

Sheila Saltofte and Denzel

sheila salt

Sheila is becoming a TV darling. Her style sense should be doing a lot to this effect. Denzel obviously wore a bow tie and shorts. Nothing striking! Nothing underwhelming!  That doesn’t take away the fact that they were smart.


Sheila Carol Gashumba

sheila gashumba

Love Love Love this chicness. Sheila please do not take the Miley Cyrus root when you make 20.


Mercy Adrea


Mercy is rocking a skater skirt with a denim crop top. She’s every bit stylish. She had the time to teach us how to rock the skater skirt in the previous post. Check it out.


Kim Swagga, Brian Ahumuza and a friend

kim swagga abryanz

The smartest guys at the CMVAs. Here they were preping for the awards. The gentle man in the middle should have chosen less conventional shoes to match up with his buddies. His polka dot shirt is one to love though. The other two guys are trend setters. It’s time that will tell if Kampala boys will start dressing like this.

Flavia Tumusiime

flavia this week

Whether she was feigning a sad moment or too excited, we love her lace dress to bits.  The metallic watch adds power to the look. 


Desire Luzinda

desire this week

Desire was shooting her new music video. We cannot wait to watch this one. Not with this make up and the beautiful dress.

Bettinah of NBS TV

bettina this week

Bettina is a very stylish TV presenter. We love her dress.


Till next week. Keep looking stylish. You can send us your looks on email, twitter and facebook.

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