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Here’s Why Fatumah Asha is Satisfashion UG’s Designer of The Year

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There’s no doubt that the Fatumah Asha brand has had a major impact on how we view red carpet style in Kampala. Surprisingly, the woman behind this eponymous brand started out as a tailor and makeup artist. This is exactly why she just doesn’t design a red carpet gown or wedding dress for you to wear. She offers you her idea of what the entire look should appear like.

To her, creating a stunning outfit is a collaboration.  “I usually offer styling advice to my clients to complete the vision I had during the design process. Some take it, others don’t. I’m so proud of Remah’s ASFA 2017 look though. I asked her not to wear accessories and shared with her the makeup look that would go with the gown. She took my advice, and guess what she was one of the best-dressed stars at the event,” she shares with excitement.

Her source of inspiration is also something quite extraordinary. “I won’t lie to you that I’m inspired by life, animals and all. I seek inspiration from fabrics,” she says. Her creative process starts with the feel, look, and colour of the fabric before she starts designing.

Fatumah Asha started out as a tailor 10 years ago and her brand has since evolved into a fully-fledged fashion house. It’s just two years ago when she decided to put her brand on social media that she got her big break.

Just this year she has had the opportunity to dress a number of women, many of whom being highbrow celebrities. These include Hellen Lukoma, Lydia Jazmine, Remah Namakula, Natasha Sinayobye, Sheilah Gashumba and many more.

See some of her best red carpet gowns of the year


Congratulations Fatumah Asha!

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