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What Monalisa Umutoni Taught Me About Beauty, Business, and Life in 2017

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Ace makeup artist Monalisa Umutoni organized her first makeup masterclass this year in September. We were honoured to be the exclusive media partners of this exciting two-day learning experience. Two of our readers won spots in this masterclass which took place at Golden Tulip Hotel in Kampala. There was just so much to learn.

In celebration of Monalisa’s appearance on this year’s list of the movers and shakers of 2017, we invited two mona masterclass alums to share what they learned from her story and how they are using it to shape their lives.

Hilda Nakintu

Mona’s makeup masterclass helped to equip me with skills of how to do commercial makeup. I’ve always been doing makeup, but I needed something more than what I could do for myself or my friends. The class helped me master the tricks behind all the different looks from bridal, office, red carpet and night time glam.

Through it all I got to learn the different beauty products, how to choose between real and ‘knock-offs’. It has always been challenging for me to find products that suit my skin tone. Thankfully I fell in love with the Black Opal brand which was heavily represented at the masterclass.

The masterclass also shaped my thinking on what exactly I want to do and where to start from. I met quite a lot of people, some of whom are now friends. Also, the exposure came in handy. I’ve been able to attract a sizeable number of clients. I’m most definitely looking forward to officially turning this passion into a real business in 2018. Thank you Mona for the opportunity.


Dorothy Ingabire

Mona’s story inspires me and makes me believe that anyone can do it if they put their mind and determination to it.

Being part of her masterclass made me realize two things:

  1. If you dream big, work hard and always look at the bigger picture, you can make it. What makes her stand out is personal branding which I think is key.

2. Even with the much she has accomplished, she still remains humble and we all know humility is a key in every aspect of life. I look up to her and this even influenced me to set everything aside and focus on my passion come 2018 and am glad I have laid out my plan to do it.

So my brand “Glam by Dee” is because I have someone I look up to and one day I will make it or probably beat her to it (jokes)!

I do believe her story is very inspiring to every young girl out there…reminds me of the book “from Rugs to Riches”

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