Here’s The Winner of The Lunch Date with Natasha Sinayobye 

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After a couple of hours sieving  through all the entries we received, we have a winner. We would like to thank everyone who has taken part in the promo, we received lots of entries. Unfortunately, there could only be one winner.

Also to note, most entries that came in were disqualified because senders didn’t include contact details. Kindly take note of that in the future.

The winning entry came from Ssebuufu Jeffrey.

I first met Natasha at the hot steps dance TV show in 2009.  She was among the judges but she is the only one that convinced the other two judges to let me go through coz she saw potential in  me as a great dancer. I didn’t thank her coz she is is one of the few that saw greatness in me. Look what I have now accomplished through dance. Damn she’s hot not forgetting that. If I win this lunch date with her I’ll be able to officially thank her and show her what I have accomplished and telling her that she didn’t make a wrong decision to put me through. So from the bottom of my heart hope I grab this date. peace.

Congratulations Jeffrey.

We also received other really powerful entries. This below stood out as well.

I got to know about Natasha Sinayobye during her miss Uganda days. She’s not only one of the few most beautiful miss Uganda contestants Uganda has ever had but also in the world.

Natasha has rare beautiful facial features, I mean that beauty that is not common, I have never met anyone who even slightly resembles Natasha; her eyes, nose, teeth were made and shaped in a very unique way.

once in a while i find time google her to find out what she’s upto and also just look at her face. I remember the “star soap” advert she did, she acted as a mother, in her traditional wear she still stood out, the beautiful facial features were still noticed. My family kept on asking “who is that? nga mulungi” I told them that’s Natasha Sinayobye former miss Uganda contestant.

We love u Natasha and really appreciate your beauty though we miss you, u should come back and may be host a TV show, I believe u have a huge number of people looking for! your show will be the most watched in the region and your viewers will be very classy people.

Unfortunately, even if I won this lunch date am in Mbale just got a job here, I started working last week. I don’t plan to travel soon but I would wish to meet u one day may be have a cup of coffee together, take a picture with u and have as my profile on facebook.

God bless u, I love u, hope to meet u one day.



We can’t thank you enough for participating. Hopefully next time, you reading will be the lucky winner. Also, we are thrilled to share that we were nominated for the ASFAs. This lunch date will most probably be the celebration of this nomination.

Have a great weekend.

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