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13 Ugandan Men Who Are Sexier Than Blake Shelton

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Welcome to Best of 2017, a new feature for December where we shall delve into some of the most unforgettable moments and people of 2017. It has been a very eventful year, and there’s no other way to document all the memorable moments. We’re starting it off with our annual list of the sexiest men in Kampala. See the 2013 list here, 2015 list here and 2016 list here.

Last month People magazine unveiled their list of the sexiest men alive and guess who topped the list. Country singer Blake Shelton was named the sexiest man alive! Really? We would like to disprove People magazine because all the fine men live here in Uganda. And there’s proof.

In no particular order, meet 13 Ugandan men who are sexier than Blake Shelton.

Fenando Fiere

Fenando Fiere? Are those his real names? I really didn’t care to find out what his real names are. This model is a favourite for many female music artistes as they can’t get enough of him in their music videos. He goes by the alias ‘Stamina Daddy’ thanks to his hit appearance in Irene Ntale’s music video ‘Stamina Daddy’. Away from that, he’s a fashion model always walking runways and featuring in men’s holiday campaigns.


Chris Kushemereirwe

Kushemereirwe stars in a couple of ad campaigns, most recent being DFCU’s Battle for Cash. He’s also a favourite for music stars. Winnie Nwagi and Irene Ntale are always featuring him in their music videos. Remah Namakula invited him to play in the wild in her ‘Kilungi‘ music video. Hellen Lukoma and Leila Kayondo had to fight for him on live television in their music video. He’s also a fashion model and all round attractive man.


Ronald Waiswa 

Waiswa is so tall, Blake Shelton would have to step on tables to match up. He’s always on runways in Kigali, Dar es salaam and here in Kampala. He could be the most attractive young man we know, but People magazine thinks otherwise.


A Pass 

Why is A Pass on this list? I’m sure you’re all wondering. This is not the first time he’s appearing on this list by the way. Check out our 2015 list here. A Pass is not your typical sexy man. All the weird things he has been doing on social media this year make him seem like a crazy guy. But if you read through his gimmicks,  there is a man who isn’t afraid to speak his mind. Sometimes he gets in trouble for this, but he still handles  it smartly. To me, that’s sexy, He also doesn’t look like he has any fat on his body, that’s sexy too to me, He also looks cute together with his girlfriend. Keep it up A Pass, and give us some new music in 2018.


Mushema Housen 

From fashion model to actor. Blake Shelton might have won many awards as a singer but Mushema has won many  hearts. In fact, he has a special spot in my heart. Catch him in Second Chance where he plays Ellah’s love interest.


Maurice Kirya

Need I say more? Maurice Kirya has topped this list more times than anyone we know. People Magazine, we hope you’re taking notes.


Timothy Code Muhumuza

Muhumuza hosts Skizzy on Urban TV and he’s also an ace rapper. There’s something about rappers that always disturbs my mind. Move away country singers.


Ykee Benda 

There’s nothing as sexy as a man who is successful. Ykee Benda is a successful singer and performer taking Uganda’s music industry by storm. He juggles that with being a superman. Who doesn’t like a successful guy with superhero tendencies? Ykee Benda wins!


Adam Gashe

He was named the sexiest man in Kampala last year (see list here). That’s no small feat! He’s a fashion model, actor and all round sexy young man.


Roger Mugisha

Wait, how has Roger Mugisha managed to stay relevant all these years. He was on radio for as long as I remember, quit and he’s now an actor but still very relevant. And he looks so much in shape. Forgive him for the makeup in this photo below, Mr. Mugisha is a fine man. And might be so forever.


Solomon Tazibone 

Between being fashion’s poster child and slaying all the time, Tazibone is a fine young man. If you want proof, drop by his instagram and you won’t remember Blake Shelton exists.


Michael Ross

Call me old school but I still love me some Michael Ross. He’s a familiar face on this list. And yes, he’s sexier than Blake Shelton.


Kasule Allan Raphael

This famed designer is not just an attractive man, he’s way sexier than Blake Shelton. Shame on you People Magazine.

Feel free to share thoughts and opinions in the message box below. Who has been left out? Who deserves to not be on this list? Share all.

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