The Sexiest Men in Kampala This Year

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Our list of the sexiest men in Kampala this year is officially here. Yes! And, that’s not all, we have a new winner. Since 2013 when published our first list, one gentleman has dominated the number one spot. (See 2013 list here and the 2015 list here if you missed them.)

There’s a new winner, and we’re sure you’ll agree with us that he deserves the spot. Since 2013 when we published our first list, we’ve seen new entrants getting onto the list, and of course others getting off. They’re only 12 positions remember! From singers to actors and models. Meet the sexiest men in Kampala.

12. Xeader Frederick

Model, Actor and (The Hostel)

Single? We’re not sure honestly.




11. Exodus 

Artiste and performer

Single? No, he’s happily married.

Exodus 1


10. Chris Kushemeirwe

Single? We aren’t sure.

Model and fan favorite to so many female artistes. Irene Ntale and Rema have already featured his hunky looks in their music videos.

Kush Kriss.


9. Jeff Francis 

Commercial Model

Single? Yes, he’s available!



8. Keith Karuhura 

Event host, model and reigning Mr Africa International

Single? We don’t know!



7. Eddy Kenzo

Singer, performer, brand ambassador and BET award winner. Oh also fashionista.

Single? Sadly, yes! He’s engaged to singer Rema.

Eddy Kenzo


6. Gaetano Kagwa

Actor (Beneath The Lies), TV and Radio Personality.

Single? Too late. He’s happily married.



5. Bagaine Albert

Actor (Deception), architect (for real) and generally a cute guy.

Single? On TV no, in real life, we have no idea.

albert bagaine


4. Cedric Babu

Actor (Beneath The Lies), Business man and man of our dreams!

Single? Sadly no, he’s taken.



3. John Iwueke

Commercial model and Mr Ideal Nigeria

Single? No, he’s not.

John Iwueke


2. Maurice Kirya

Singer, performer and waiter.

Single? Honestly we aren’t sure.

Maurice Kirya 1



Drum rolls! And the sexiest man this year is..

  1. Adam Gashe

Commercial model and actor (The Hostel)

Single? Yes, he’s available (for now!)


adam 1



What are your thoughts on this list? Does Adam deserve this title?  I know you have a lot to say about this (who wouldn’t?). Do share in the message box below. Also, if you disagree with us (which is also okay), share your own list. Let’s have fun!


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