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Here are 15 Ugandan men who are sexier than Adam Levine

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People Magazine announced that the Maroon 5 front man is the ‘sexiest man alive‘ yesterday. This announcement obviously caused so much back lush on social media with people claiming that there are sexier men around. I couldn’t agree more. This is the same magazine that named Gwyneth Paltrow the most beautiful woman on earth. Totally far fetched.

This propelled us to run a poll with our female fans that has contributed to this deliberation. First of all we asked them to define sexy. Many of the ladies defined it as a follows.

A man with sex appeal and the ability to make a woman feel safe.

This is very broad. The man must be successful in his field of work and have good physical appearance. The ability to make a woman feel safe does not necessarily mean he should have Idris Elba’s body. He could have influence, could be wealthy or have a track record of triumph. Women find men who are hustlers sexy. That is the exact reason Hon. Mike Mukula is on this list. He has been through at all. He however still looks as trimmed and good looking as before. He’s also a great father and husband.


Adam Levine, the sexiest man alive according to People Magazine

We would like to thank all the ladies that helped compile this list. Keep supporting Satisfashion UG.

Adam Lavine is a handsome man with those tattoos but he cannot beat our men here in Uganda. He’s very successful and stinking rich too. He has also dated two Victoria Secrets angels which accomplishment I find very lame. We can’t swallow. Here I present to you 15 Ugandan men who are both successful and sexy. You can complete this list with your friend, your husband, your boyfriend or yourself if you feel they represent what we have defined.







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