This Is Why Your Hair Is Breaking, And How To Remedy It

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Experiencing hair breakage and loss can be very frustrating especially if you don’t know what might have gone wrong. But hey, we are here to help you figure out what might be the cause as well as how to get you out of this mishap. Below are some of the causes of hair breakage and a few remedies to overcome it.


You will hear a crackling sound if you try to go over your hair with a comb when its dry. The scalp produces oil which will quickly be worn out if you wash your hair every day without conditioning it. This leaves your hair dry, brittle and vulnerable to breakage. Your daily activities too have a great impact on your hair.

For instance; Swimmers, the chlorine in the water dries out the hair tremendously. So try as much as you can not to wash your hair every day. You should choose the right products when moisturizing your hair. Have regular trims every 6-8 weeks to prevent split ends


A lot of heat from constant use of hair dryers will cause damage as it will dry out the ends and change the texture of the hair. Damaging chemicals are found in hair color, relaxers and other treatments. Reduce the use of heat as well as excessive brushing and combing.


Most of us will agree we have a weakness for sweet treats and snack foods. But we should not forget, this has consequences. Snacks are rich in sodium which can cause hair breakage and loss. Sugary foods can interfere in the absorption of protein yet the latter is very important in the growth of healthy hair. Try as much as you can to eat foods rich in protein like red kidney beans, salmon and nuts so that you have healthy hair. Drink lots of water regularly as it is also good for you.


Having trouble at work, at home or with your partner? All this will reflect in your hair. This is because you will act roughly towards your hair or even neglect it altogether. Stress is generally not good for your body so learn to cope with it. for instance; Make daily schedules in order to manage your time efficiently. Have at least 20 minutes of meditation daily as this will help you think about everything calmly. Make sure you get enough sleep everyday as this is extremely important for the body.


Loss of hair and excessive breakage might be a warning that something more serious is wrong internally. You may need to see a doctor to find out more details.

Try these out and let us know what your experience was. Should you have any other tips, sound off in the message box below.

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