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The Internet Rejects Miss Amarachi’s Pearl of Africa Fashion Awards Red Carpet Look

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What should have been a very interesting styling choice, thought out of the box has turned into the most talked about look from the Pearl of Africa Fashion Awards. No one breaks the internet like fashion blogger Miss Amarachi, whose look dominated conversations and blogs all through Sunday.

The young fashionista wore thigh high glitter boots which she paired with a black wrap vest and gold belt. Well, I thought this was a genius idea thought out of the box since everyone wears gowns on the red carpet. I also liked that she wore these boots that have been referred to as ‘ugly’. She carried herself with so much confidence and sass which was brave.

Unfortunately for me, the internet didn’t see any of that. The proprietor of Glitz by Nalu, the brand that dressed her in the boots had to come in to clear the air on the matter saying that her brand had nothing to do with the ‘mishap’. Well, if you ask me I’d say this was a bit unnecessary.

I still think this wasn’t a bad look. The internet just loves to hate Miss Amarachi.

Photos by Hanny Photography

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