[Photos]: Akello Patricia and Joanita Enjoy Their Dinner Date at Mestil Hotel & Residences 

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Finally, the dinner date we’ve all been excited about for weeks happened last Monday. Joanita Namatome, winner of the dinner date with supermodel Akello Patricia arrived for the big event at about 6:40 pm. Akello arrived at 7:00 pm just in time for the dinner date which was scheduled to start at 7: oo pm sharp. Namatome was so overjoyed upon meeting the model and was speechless for a couple of minutes after.

Sheila Laker represented the hotel in pursuit of making this date as fun and exciting as possible. She led us on a tour around the hotel. From the scenic view of the city, the many Instagram worthy spots spread almost everywhere in the hotel to their well-equipped gymnasium, we saw it all. Akello was super excited about the gym as she’s planning on starting to workout (yes, working out has nothing to do with the body she has. At least, not yet), and promised to drop by next time she’s in Kampala.

After a mini photo session, the two ladies ascended upon the restaurant to have their dinner.



“I still can’t believe that this has happened to me. I stay near Mestil, but I had never gotten the opportunity to come here to eat. And having this experience on the same table with Akello Patrica was really humbling. I’ve been following her for a very long time. I admire her courage, and the strides she’s making in an industry that’s cutthroat. She shared her story with me, and I can’t express how inspired I am. The food was great. The experience is something that’ll forever be imprinted on my memory. Thank you Satisfashion UG and Mestil Hotel. Of course, I have to come back. Sheila was so nice to us,” Namatome shared after the dinner date.

“The experience was so great. I’m super happy. I’m so grateful to you guys for making this happen. I’m really impressed by the hospitality I’ve received at the hotel. the ambience is world class. It was also fun having a chat with Joanita who isn’t interested in modelling at all but is inspired by what I do. We had a really long chat, I told her my story, how I went to South Africa. She let me open up like I never did. The food was great. I had fun. I’m most definitely coming back here, ” Akello shared.



Photos by Lovington 

The dinner date was made possible thanks to Mestil Hotel & Residences and Satisfashion UG

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