Here’s The Winner of The Dinner Date with Patricia Akello at Mestil Hotel & Residences

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We have a winner! I must say, this was so hard. We had to invite Patricia Akello herself to help us make the final decision. We can’t thank enough all of you that participated in this promo, the number of responses we received was just overwhelming. Akello was compelled to consider planning something for her fans. So if you haven’t won today, maybe you’ll land the opportunity to meet her then.

Again, most entries came without contact details (phone and email address) and sadly they had to be left out. Please take note of that next time you participate.

Here is the winning entry from Namatome Joanita as chosen by Akello

She’s a young girl anyone can look up to, her patience, courage and determination have a lot to do with her career…. She taught me a lot about patience. she wasn’t that good but waited till she became the best because am so sure competitors where so many..Always stay patient, have the courage, never give up and be smart is what inspires me from Akello

Smart, courageous, patient and trust from God….

She’s just a courageous, determined, smart and God fearing girl…That’s already an inspiration

Thank you all for taking part. Congratulations Joanita. Get ready to spend tomorrow evening with Akello at Mestil Hotel & Residences.

Have a fruitful week!


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