Doreen Faith on her favorite hairstyle and dealing with bad skin

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Which is your favorite hairstyle and why?

I love it when my hair is up in a bun. It shows off my facial features.  Surprisingly I only wear it  occasionally. Normally I love my bangs so fringes do me well.

What is the worst thing that has ever happened to your hair?

In December last year I had a few tracks sewn in my hair and some of my natural hair was left out. This thinned my hair so badly it lost its natural length. It’s growing back now though.

How often do you go makeup free?

To be frank, I have learnt that I am not really a makeup girl. Makeup only suits me when I have my hair up in a bun, that’s when I get proper dolled up. Generally, I tend to wear no No.7 loose powder and lip gloss/lipstick when I’m going out. However most of the times I’m always natural.

no 7

No 7

Have you had bad skin before? How did you deal with it?
I am not one of those girls who are naturally blessed with clear skin. Unfortunately for me I pretty much have bad skin all year round. I’m just recovering from pigmentation which I had before I went to Uganda in December. It’s now 6 months and my skin is clearing up.

What beauty advice do you give women out there?

If you have pimples or pigmentation which are very bad, I recommend that you cleanse your face daily and scrub twice a week. Also consider steaming, it will help your pores open. Try not to wear any creams before you go to bed. That’s the best time to let your skin breath. Don’t believe those tales of night creams. Massage that area around the eyes with Vitamin E oil, this will reduce the appearance of bugs and lines which can lead to wrinkles. You can also use Olive oil or Palmers cocoa butter as they have vitamin E as an in them.

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