10 Chic Ways To Style Your Head-Wrap

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We all can’t deny that head wraps are having their moment right now. Lupita is making everyone feel like they’ve never looked good in them. Head wraps have always been a wardrobe staple for women especially here in Africa. How to turn them from drab to fab is the only trick.

Our friends at Full Woman Magazine have shared a simple tutorial on how to steal Lupita’s head wrap cool without trying too much in their issue today.

Different ways to style it

The way you style this head wrap enhances your face shape, for instance, you can tie the wrap in different ways to lengthen the shape of your face, add height or reduce the look for a long forehead. It’s therefore, important to have in mind what you want to achieve. Let’s see how to style it.

  • It can be wrapped around the head as a turban. This style is very common among Muslim women, but that’s changing. You too can rock your turban. Its detail is usually clean, so this look can be appropriate for work or even a corporate work party.
  • The head wrap can be tied into a bow. This can be on any side of your head. This style is perfect for naturalists who love to show off their gorgeous hair in funky ways.
  • It can also be wrapped into a bun.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment on your own without any tutorials. There’s just so much you can do with your head wrap and stand out. The trick is to sit in front of your mirror and experiment.


We’ve tapped our favorite beauty vlogger Naptural85 for her vlog on 10 chic ways to style your head wrap. Watch and learn.

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