Vote: Which Team Are You? Kevin, Philipe or Haze

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The Search for The Next Fitness Supermodel continues, and we can’t be more excited. We released the list of finalists, which you can view here. Welcome to the second stage of the competition. Three models will be up against each other every week, and only your votes can help one of them move to the next stage of the competition.

This week’s models are Kevin, Philipe and Haze.

Voting is easy. Just share a comment in the message box below with the name of the model you want to see in next stage of the competition.

The winner of this search will land a modelling contract with Enrole Model Management.

  1. Kevin Iyima from Nigeria 


2. Nsubuga Philipe from Kampala, Uganda 


3. Haze from Ghana


So which team are you? Sound off in the message box below.

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