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How Kamara Adrian Became Sheebah’s Makeup Artist

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For everyone starting out in the beauty industry, landing and keeping A-list clients is usually the toughest job. It was a different story altogether for makeup artist Kamara Adrian who has Sheebah’s face to beat almost all the time. His instagram feed is everyone’s envy as it is true testimony that he spends a huge part of his time with the famous singer. We later find out in this interview that he also doubles as her personal assistant.

How he landed every budding makeup artist’s dream job and how he has curved a business out of it is all summed up in this Whats app chat I had with him on Wednesday evening.

Who is Kamara Adrian?

I’m a 24-year-old beauty enthusiast but people refer to me as a makeup artist. I went to Hormisdallen Primary school for my elementary education, Naalya SS Bweyogerere and East High Ntinda for secondary school and MUBS for college where I did Business Computing.

Did you always want to work in beauty?

Interestingly I wanted to be a surgeon, model or fashion designer. But, I somehow ended up in beauty where I work as a makeup artist.

How was it for you starting out?

I began with 1 eye pencil, lipstick, a palette of eye shadow and 2 bottles of foundation. I started by doing my course mates’ makeup at campus. These were my first clients. I actually always did it for fun before we went out to party.
Did you get any training or apprenticeship prior?

No, I didn’t! I was my own teacher. Of course my first work wasn’t so good but it improved with practice.

So at what point did you meet Sheebah?


Well, Sheebah and I met way back in 2013 and became friends. That was before I even thought of venturing into makeup. I had just joined campus. We met again in 2014, that’s when I first worked with her. She was my first celebrity client.

Sheebah is a big brand, how did you convince her to let you do her makeup?

I kindly asked her if she would let me do her makeup. Since we were friends she gave me the opportunity. She was impressed with what I did and told me I had so much potential. I was overjoyed when she even insisted to pay me for the service. Since that day, we’ve not looked back.

What has been your experience working with her?

I must say, it’s nothing short of exciting. Our relationship blossomed from friends to work partners and now we’re family. My craft has gotten so much exposure. I’m already building a business out of this and it’s all thanks to her. I’m even her Personal Assistant now.

With her busy schedule, have you gotten the opportunity to work with other celebrities?

Yes. I’ve worked with Fille, Natacha from Burundi, Charly and Nina from Rwanda, Solidstar from Nigeria, Catherine Kusasira, Remah, Lydia Jazmine, Naava Grey and more. I’ve also worked with male clients such as singer Ethan.

What is the biggest life lesson you’ve learned from Sheebah?

She has taught me patience. There’s no shortcut in life. I’ve also learned to be honest and passionate about what I do. There’s no one I know that’s as passionate about what they do as Sheebah is.
How are you building your business?

Away from working with celebrities, I do weddings, video shoots, introductions and photo shoots. I did business at campus, so I know a thing and two about managing a business. Also, I’ve always had an entrepreneurial drive. I’m building an empire.

As a makeup artist, what’s your aesthetic?

My eyebrow game defines it all and my principle is blending in till the last beat. You can tell it’s my makeup from the perfectly ‘beat eyebrow.’

What’s the future of the Kamara Adrian brand?

I see myself owning my makeup brand and working with big names internationally and other business in the beauty sphere. I see a very successful businessman.

What’s your take on the beauty industry in Uganda?

It’s really growing by leaps and bounds. Before, people didn’t take makeup seriously. Right now, everyone embraces us and pays dearly for our services. The industry is also quite competitive which keeps all of us on our toes. It’s healthy though.

What are some of the projects you’re most proud of as a makeup artist?

I’ve done a lot of Sheebah’s makeup and said ‘wow’! However, the ‘Weekend’ music video stands out. Her costumes blended well with my makeup to give off this urban vibe that really excites me.

This interview has been edited and condensed

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