10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Natasha Sinayobye

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If you don’t live under a rock, and have been following this site and our social media, you know that one of our lucky readers is going to have lunch with Natasha Sinayobye today. Sinayobye is a dancer, actress and fashionista. She’s also a former beauty queen and fashion model.

We had a chat with her where she shared 10 things you might not know about her

  1. She was Miss MTN in 2001

I was second runner up Miss Uganda 2001, which came with the title of Miss MTN.

  1. To join The Obsessions she was only spotted for a role in their play

I wasn’t part of the original team that started obsessions. I came in after. They spotted me for a role in one of their plays. That is how I joined the group.

  1. She’s a singer too

Yes I did a song. It was called ‘Butunda’ and was written for me by a gentleman called Peter Nawwee.

  1. She’s still a dancer

I still dance, but at the moment it’s for more for me than commercial.

  1. Her most intense role as an actor is..

Acting is all about getting into another person’s character. My most intense role has been ‘Kaitesi’ from Beneath the lies because she and I are totally different people.

  1. Yes, she works out

To stay in shape, I work out a lot. I think it’s important for all of us to keep a healthy body and mind. I do a lot of resistance training and toning.

  1. Her beauty routine…

I always use natural/ homemade beauty products. I believe that if you cleanse the inside then the outside will be flawless. I also use a lot of Vaseline petroleum jelly for under my eyes when going to sleep. It helps with regeneration.

  1. She’s her own stylist

The type of body I have always comes first before I choose a red carpet look to wear. I prefer to wear something that makes me feel sexy and beautiful but also classy. And, yes I’m my own stylist.

  1. She doesn’t follow trends

I really don’t follow any fashion trends. I go with the feeling I have of the day, and also what favors my body shape.

  1. Her favourite dish

I love me some matooke with my mother’s chicken or meat stew yesss!!!

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