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Zari to play stylist role at her new boutique in Pretoria.

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Socialite and entrepreneur Zari Hassan is almost done with work on her women’s wear boutique in Pretoria. The boutique which will be called Lady Zari Fashions (I still think this is cliched ) is situated in the heart of the plush city of Pretoria. According to the boss lady herself, this is bound to be the biggest most sought after women’s wear boutique in South Africa.

We talked to her about this new business venture and she dished some juicy info.

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“I intend to sell ladies shoes, handbags clothing and accessories. The store will be located in Pretoria and yes I will be doing all the styling for my client, ” she said. We trust her styling mind by the way. When asked about having plans of opening a ladies’ boutique  in Kampala she was hesitant to respond. “Not any time soon!” was her response. We know she will open one in the future.

Zari owns a fancy jewelery shop and a high end men’s store all at Garden City. A true boss lady indeed.

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