Women Have Been ‘Womanspreading’ and I Didn’t Know

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The title sounds odd, right? Until today, I didn’t know ‘woman spreading’ was a thing. In fact, for a very long time, I’ve been trying to find a word that describes the way Sheebah has been posing and performing with legs spread apart ‘like a boss’. My questions were answered today thanks to an article on

Womanspreading is a term used by feminists to describe a posture where women spread their legs to make room for their genitalia just like men. For a long time, men have been ‘manspreading especially on subway trains taking more space than they should. Women answered by setting large purses and shopping bags next to them to take up more space as well. Of course, that wasn’t enough. So they resorted to sitting just like men.

You’ve probably seen Sheebah and Rihanna sitting and performing with their legs spread. According to, “It’s a show of self-perceived sexuality and power. For women, it also bucks the trend of ladylike femininity. So she’s showing that she’s competing in a man’s world and is not going to play by the rules.” It’s a silent statement entirely by itself: “She’s taking up more space by spreading herself out,” “This could be with arms or legs. She’s not going to let people push her around! She owns the place, wherever she is.”

So who is ready to womanspread this year?


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