Wear it two way: Work during day and Party in the night

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By Mercy Adrea

The power of having your fashion on point both at work and for events after work is not the easiest thing to pull off. It gets even harder if you have to go through traffic jam or even take boda bodas to get yourself home to change. This thus leaves you with one of option of carrying your party clothes to work. This also has its disadvantages. Everyone at work will notice that you are having  proggie after work. You know the nosiness of some workmates. 

The best way to go through this is picking up an outfit that can go two way. An outfit that can be formal during the day but with a little switch will turn into a casual.  It all depends on what you’re planning to wear at the evening event and that dictates what you will wear for the day.

wear it two way

Mercy doing the two way

As you can see in the pictures, the cream body con dress was my night look which I simply changed into a day look by adding up my maroon short sleeved shirt that tones down the dress making it look like a skirt, and a bold black coral belt that gives it a conservative, sexy yet feminine look. It also creates a peplum look at the bottom making it trendy and fashionable. The light pink wedges are comfortable while running errands around the office.Your boss will not even notice a thing.

When work is done you simply change into your party  accessories, change the wedges into gorgeous heels or gladiators in this case and show up for your evening event. As you all know carrying a pair of gladiator heels and accessories in your bag isn’t a task. However it becomes hard when you have to carry these with a dress, skirt and make up. It’s the best way to manage an 8 to 5pm job and still have your evening parties in check.

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