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Unwrapping The Virgin Bride

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By Abdinasir Mayombwe

We are in an era where what is truly sacred and pure is what is being frowned upon. Since time immemorial, the innocence of a woman has always been held with high regard save for now when millennials are fighting to do away with it before marriage crosses their mind. To some, it’s a shameful thing to still be innocent by a certain age. The pressure is too heavy on them that they have to look for the nearest male human being to do the deed. This one is going to be a delicate subject to delve into so, let’s try as possibly as we can to tread carefully.

So what befalls the girl/woman who is blessed enough to walk into holy matrimony with everything intact for her knight in shining armour on the first night when they have to consummate the union? It is a mixture of emotions for the couple since each side is very expectant. Much as the man may be so eager to prove his macho side, the lady on the other hand, may be worried about the pain and all the mysteries that shroud the first night that a virgin bride ever gets to share a bed with her man.

For the man, patience is key. Much as you have waited for eternity to unwrap the gift, do so with utmost care and ease. Let your wife voice her fears and expectations before you lay your hands on her. When you have finally known that, calm your her down bearing in mind that you have to know her erogenous zones. So, like a well-groomed man, go about the rest according to how you have heard it or been taught, it’s not a battlefield.

Do not rule out any chances of discomfort from the other party and if it comes up, arm yourself with the never-diminishing virtue of patience since the person you are dealing with is a first-time offender but a lifetime loyal companion. The hormones may rage at this point but try to console yourself with the promise there will be better days to come. Remember God has blessed you with the purest of damsels around.

For the lady, relaxation is key. The more the tension builds up, the more disastrous the results turn out and you do not want to hate the core aspect of your companionship; in fact, marriage hinges on that, the rest comes in as a bonus (don’t skin me, my opinion is valid). On being calm, guide your soulmate on what you feel you want and what may bother you. At this point, we assume that you have paid regular visits to your paternal aunties for those lectures.

Foreplay is the mandatory starter to the main course to ease the tension; therefore the couple should maximize it so as to make lasting memories of the first night. Did I talk about the erogenous zones of your partner? Yes, make use of them so that by the time you get to the main course, you barely know what’s taking place as you are lost in ecstasy. You will figure out the dessert bit by yourself. Keep trying until you realise the best results and remember to learn from the mistakes you make.

To Be Continued …

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