This could be your best ‘breakup’ song

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Desire Luzinda is undoubtedly one of the most underrated singers in Uganda. Her derriere is given so much hype that we forget that her voice is just as alluring.  This song she did with Toniks is real testimony. The song about a couple going through a messy breakup is probably the best breakup song you’ll listen to in a very long time.

The lyrics are deep with each word delivered with utmost sincerity and emotion. The two singers combined made a very incredible match.

Just like I said some of these singers are underrated. Their best songs never make it on the radio. I wasn’t amused when I found out that it was released 4 months ago. Why is it that I had never listened to it? I guess we should pay more  attention to detail and this song is one of those immensely beautiful  songs that never got that much hype.

Listen to it here


I have to ask Toniks though. The line ‘You’re the only kijanjalo in my soup..”! What was that about? Beautiful song this is.

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