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This ‘Boy’ Wore a Cropped Top To Blankets and Wine And Internet is Not Pleased

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Apparently, fashion is not freedom. As part of the bold fashion galore displayed at Blankets and Wine, one gentleman chose to wear a cropped top which he paired with a pair of damaged jeans baring his ‘not so’ toned midriff. The internet is pissed off! Actually, when we posted a photo of him on our facebook page, a number of followers were offended by us referring to him as man. That’s why in the title above, he’s been referred to as ‘boy’.

Cropped tops aren’t anything new in men’s wear. In the 1980’s and 1990’s, men wore cropped tops as sports and casual gear. Just like ‘this boy’, they wore their tops with jeans. The reactions on social media are very different though. See some of what people shared.

I have seen mixed reactions to the trend, but I personally think it’s a no go zone for the men.” – Alex Oneka

If he wore it on Halloween day its vere okay but responsible citizens, husbands and fathers should not. Lost souls like gays, drug addicts can get away with it tho. Imagine father lokodo or sheik muzaata wearin it” – Fezza Malayika

Those are women who had double mastectomy and going through chemotheraphy … NOT MEN” – Nath

Pse dnt say men bse no man wd wear such a thing.” – Glad Witty

“Come on no man does that hmmm” – Rehemah Wamala

I love fashion but I think some fashion trends are only meant for the runway or stage e.g 👆🏾.There is no reason a man should wear a cropped top on the street. When I see this it makes me have two thoughts-Madness or trying to hard to seek for attention which is not a man’s character trait. Being a fashion fanatic doesn’t mean you develop a migraine.” – Etiang Joseph

However others had a different thought

Appears that I am in the minority here. In the 80s my son lived in them. He managed to become a responsible father and now grand father despite air hitting his abs.” – Mary Chilson

New? Like the whole 70’s, 80’s, and early to mid 90’s didn’t exist. Men in cropped tops is like 4 decades old” – Samira Adams

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