These lazy habits will break your hair

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It is not evil to have natural hair on your scalp here in Kampala. Besides the heat and the weather that change every minute, wearing your hair natural is probably the coolest thing ever. Unfortunately it is not easy to maintain the length of your hair when you are lazy.

Here are some of those habits that you should drop now

1. Not covering  your hair before bed

We all know what cotton pillow cases can do to hair. However the stress from work can be too much that we forget all of it all and just jump into bed without any protective gear on. This is very bad for the hair. It’s the number one cause of hair breakage.

If you are the type that always passes out every time they get home, getting yourself a satin pillow case could be the fix.

2. Rush through detangling

It’s always important to detangle hair, wash and condition as often as you can. This is no easy fit though. The more the hair, the harder it is. So some of us just do a simple run through with a small comb and “many times’ doze off in the process only to wake up in the morning with one giant dred.

I say all this to say — if you’re going to detangle your hair, do it right. Be thorough. If you use a wide tooth comb, make sure that comb is able to get through all sections of your hair. If you finger detangle, be especially meticulous. Don’t do a rush job because you’re tired, or don’t have enough time. If you don’t relish cutting knots and chunks of un-detangleable hair off of your hair, commit to quality detangle time.

Grab a movie if you can and do a better job.

3. Shoddy wash jobs

The whole point of cleansing hair and scalp is to make sure they’re well, clean…right? If you have already made up your mind to cleanse your hair and scalp — whether it be via co-wash, shampoo or anything else — be sure to do a thorough job. While it is important to remove buildup from your hair, getting the buildup off of your scalp is equally as important. If you always co-wash, or use a lot of silicone products that are prone to building up, clarifying your hair and scalp regularly is especially important; so as to not suffocate the follicles. How to best accomplish both without totally stripping your hair is totally up to you…and your hair! 

4. Bad weave syndrome

 By far, wigs are the best protective style to wear. But all that protection is for naught if your actual hair becomes dry, brittle, and breaks from neglect. Even worse (and more gross), dirt, sweat and other moisture can become trapped under wigs and weaves and have your scalp smelling like death. So even if you do decide to go the full coverage route, please make time to take care of your natural hair underneath. How frequently you wash, condition, and re-moisturize your hair depends on how much you sweat, among other factors

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