The Most Stylish Music Videos Of 2017 So Far

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It is shaping up to be a really great year for music in Uganda. The Uganda Music Awards launched last month, and shortly after the Uganda Entertainment awards too announced a bigger and better come back. We can’t also forget the Club Music Video Awards, which focused only on music video and these held early this year. For an artiste, this means having quality work, and we all agree a quality music video is nothing without great fashion.

We’ve put together a list of some of the most stylish music videos released this year so far. Fashion is art, and these artistes (or video producers) used clothes and makeup to create works of art. Some of the styles in these videos are slowly becoming huge fashion trends.

Cherie – Lydia Jazmine
This is perhaps the most stylish music video the singer has done in her career thus far. The fact that it was shot in South Africa is evidenced in the Ndebele print going on. The makeup artiste did a great job, giving the singer and her extras a subtle look.


Banyabo – Rema
Rema is transformed into a Ugandan queen wearing everything from a Busuuti, Shuuka and a beautiful floor grazing dress in African print. The song is just as infectious as the clothes she wears in the video.


Shauri Yako – Eddy Kenzo
Eddy Kenzo tries to draw for us a picture of what people that live in coastal towns wear, without appropriating their culture. Oh, there’s a lot of twerking here.


I’m Still Here – Juliana Kanyomozi
Juliana’s come back hit had everyone talking, for the wrong reasons though. We believe she still managed to wear some nice clothes in the video. She channels a number of women, from a beauty queen (Miss Uganda), a queen, an ordinary woman working out in the gym and, a maid. Those yellow gloves though!


Kwasa – David Lutalo
It’s always a breath of fresh air when artistes seek inspiration from the past. This video is inspired by the 1980’s, we can’t help but swoon over how people were stylish back then.


Malidadi – Maureen Nantume
The singer did the same, and sought style inspiration from the 1980s. She’s giving us all these vintage style goals in her pleated skirt. By the way, pleated skirts are back!


Bum Sakata – Sheebah
Sheebah’s fans were underwhelmed by what she did in this video, but unfortunately for them, we loved it. There’s really nothing going on here by the way, just a lot and a lot of makeup. But it’s Sheebah, everything she does is cool.


Omutima Gwesibye – Irene Ntale
Fresh out of Swangz Avenue, this was Irene Ntale’s first music video. Denim jackets are really hot right now, and they are almost everywhere in this video. Notice the styling trend, where the jackets are pulled back to create an off the shoulder sort of silhouette? Very hot! And, why are women now obsessed with rolling things in their hair?


Malaika – Ykee Benda
The song is about an angel, and the model in the video is wearing wings, just like an angel! Need I say more?


Stylo – Vinka ft Irene Ntale
Vinka is wearing a giant neck-piece, so big it’s almost like a top. The only thing that’s not black in this video, is the hair of the two singers, and of course the graffiti on the wall.


Sembera – King Saha
Let’s just say they tried to create a real but rather chaotic version of a prom party.


Cheza Mama – Kent & Floss (Voltage Music)
Was Sue Ochola involved in the styling of this music video? This is exactly what it feels like attending her Arab Money Fab parties, only that these guys were in a real desert.


Njabala – B2C & Spice Diana
These B2C boys should thank their stylist for the dapper looks they are wearing here. And Spice Diana, that bra.. No!!


Jubilation – Eddy Kenzo
The coordination of colours of the outfits worn in this video make it ultimately one of the most stylish music videos of the year.


Nyongera – B2C
The African print galore here is to die for.


Mbozi Za Malwa – Bebe Cool & Sauti Sol
Now, what was that goat doing in this video?


Did we leave any video out? Sound off in the message box below and let’s see if it makes the cut too.

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