The Google glass: Is this the new it eye wear?

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I know Kampala people for jumping onto any trend that crops up. Some trends are butchered while others are followed diligently. News coming from New York Fashion Week has it that the hottest eye wear are the Google glasses. Who saw that coming?

The first time I read about these glasses, my face frowned in disapproval. The things did not look fashionable at all but a lot geeky. Now I feel like I was all wrong if what I’m seeing is anything to believe. 

It seems the eye wear world’s creepy uncle, also known as Google Glass, is making some very fashionable friends. First Marie Claire’s Nina Garcia started using the controversial frames to let her follows track shows via the #BeNina hashtag. 


Then we found something even more foreboding: Google Glass’ Instagram account. At present it only has 450 followers and 24 photos, but 16 of those 24 photos are of dashing New York Fashion Week attendees sporting Google Glass outside the Lincoln Centre and Milk Studios. Many of those photos are group shots, too, which means that there are at least 28 people currently making Google Glass look chic.


Did I forget that Vogue US spread that was exclusively Google Glass. If the fashion bible is also anointing these  disturbing glasses then it seems they are becoming the it eye wear.. You’ve got to watch the space because anything can happen in Kampala.

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The glasses made their Vogue debut recently in this pompous fashion editorial.

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