The Best Dressed Women of 2016

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Looking at some of the best dressed women this year, we’ve noticed a new phenomenon! Celebrities are now partnering with local designers, stylists and makeup artists, something we’ve been waiting to see happen. This is the best way to show off what Ugandan creatives can bring to the table. Thanks to this, the fashion industry has had one of its best years. It’s always great representation when designers showcase clothes at catwalk shows, but it is different when these actually clothes are seen on normal bodies we’re familiar with.

Meet the women whose sartorial choices have had us talking and noting all at the same time this year.

Anita Fabiola

There’s no doubt that Anita Fabiola has had a stellar career, snagging hosting gigs at major events and red carpets across the continent and the world over. This has given her the opportunity to explore different show stopping style choices. One of her most unforgettable looks was at the BET awards where she sported a mask on the red carpet, and almost broke the internet. She has collaborated with a number of African designers such as Kwesh from Uganda.

Sylvia Owori

She has had a thrilling style revolution this year thanks to her TV show The Style Project. We’ve watched her sartorial choices change dramatically from ‘very conservative’ when the show had just premiered, to ‘all out’ now. She’s not afraid to experiment with styles and also goes ahead to pull them off effortlessly. Looking for style inspiration, her style choices on the show are for you to watch and learn.

Desire Luzinda

She has always been a fashion killer, but this year she managed to earn her spot as the red carpet queen wearing show stopping ensembles every time she steps out. The team at Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards noticed and named her the most stylish female celebrity this year. She has Lillian Kyabaki to thank for this style makeover.

Flavia Tumusiime

Her style on TV is great, but her red carpet style game is award worthy. The stunning media personality has been making fashion statements every time she stepped out on the red carpet partnering with the likes of Anita Beryl of Beryl Qouture and Fashion Episode among others for her stunning ensembles.

Judith Heard

Her style has evolved so much this year. Her ‘bad girl days’ are far behind her now and it’s evident in the style choices she’s been making. She has since swapped her beloved cute little dresses for floor grazing gowns. Hers is what you can easily call understated elegance.

Hellen Lukoma

She has always been known for being flirty and daring and this year hasn’t been different. She stepped out on the red carpet at the Abryanz Style & Fashion awards in a dress with a slit so high, everyone has not stopped talking about it.

Malaika Nnyanzi

We’ve always had a crush on Malaika but her sartorial choices this year have elevated her into a formidable style icon. With the help of local designers, she has managed to look nothing short of elegant every time she made a public appearance. That, paired with her numerous costume changes every time she’s hosting an event, is certainly the reason we’re constantly stalking her on Instagram. But what more can a girl who is out to support local designers do? She has collaborated with everyone from Kwesh, Anita Beryl, Kaijuka Abbas, Eguana and many more.

Leila Kayondo

Famous for her stylish music videos, Leila is slowly becoming one of our favourite style stars. Daring red carpet ensembles where she oozes nothing but sex appeal is her forte. She however surprised us at the ASFAs wearing a floor grazing frock that covered up everything. Just hours later, she was spotted in a pair of micro mini shorts up and about. You just can’t put this girl in a box, can you?


Everyone looked forward her style choices as she hosted Be My Date on NTV turning the dating TV show into some sort of fashion show. It doesn’t matter if she has to cut off her hair to make a statement, she just won’t stop experimenting. Her dress at the UEA awards early this year had everyone including Bonang Matheba talking.

Crystal Newman

After taking a backseat from the spotlight for a while, this year she bounced back to our screens with Friends with Benefits, a TV show that gave her countless opportunities to show off her unique style once again. She has had a thrilling fashion makeover which was evident not just on TV, but also her other event hosting gigs and the red carpet. We hope she stays in the spotlight, because we still want more from her.

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