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The Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards Are Back

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The fifth edition of the Abryanz Style and fashion awards was launched last evening at Serena Hotel in Kampala under a business theme. Fashion people have for long been demanding some respect, and the ASFAs are doing just that this year.

Speaking at the launch, Brian Ahumuza the founder and proprietor of the awards stressed the fact that fashion is now a serious career option that shouldn’t be doubted anymore.

“In the past, you would never find a successful makeup artist or stylist. It would only be a side job. However, things have changed so much now, many young people are earning an honest living out of being makeup artists and stylists,” he shared.

The team will therefore hold a business work shop in November this year. The objective of the workshop will be to equip people working in fashion with relevant expert skills on managing finances, branding and entrepreneurship.

“Many young and creative people are out there struggling to get their big break in fashion. The only thing that’s curtailing them from realizing their dream is a mere lack of relevant business and management skills,” he relayed.

According to the team, the event which is set to take place on 8th December, is going to be of world class style produced by professional producers from South Africa. Expect an action packed red carpet with the most stylish people on the continent.

Photo credit: Mozart Pictures/ Abryanz