The 6 Most Unbelievable Celeb Lookalikes You Have Never Noticed

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We all know there’re many of us that look like other people, yet we aren’t related at all. If you’ve done a double take while looking at ‘old’ photos of Chris Brown, you’ll agree with me that he looks like one of the local comedians in Kampala. But, let us save those that look like Hollywood or international celebs for another day, today it’s all about our own local celebs that look alike. No blood relations, some of them are of completely different tribes. This will shock you!

  1. Anne Kansiime and Sylvia Owori
anne kansiime & Sylvia Owori

They aren’t twins!


2. Lillian Mbabazi and Karitas Karisimbi

karitas & Lillian

These two don’t just look alike, they are bffs!


3. Leila Kayondo and Bettinah Tianah

leila & bettinah

You’re not seeing double!


4. Rachael K and Grace Khan

Rachael K & Grace Khan

No freakin’ way!


5. Renah Nalumansi and Judith Heard

Renah & Judith Heard



6. Spice Diana and Sheilah Gashumba

sheila and spice diana

You aren’t seeing double! That’s Sheilah and Spice Diana.


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