The 20 Most Fashionable Ugandan Music Videos of All Time

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Ugandan music videos are having their moment, from getting nominated for international award accolades to dominating airplay on local and international TV stations. These days a music video is the number one driver of hype for a new song release, if it’s worth the hype, the song will be a big banger. That makes this phenomenon an integral part of popular culture. Fashion is usually a huge element in these videos, often telling a story through both lyrics and clothes.

Going through music videos from back in the day, you won’t help but marvel at the revolution fashion especially youth fashion, has undergone over the years. Music videos are such a powerful mover of fashion trends, some of the ‘clothes or no clothes at all’ the artists wore in the videos ended up becoming big fashion trends in Kampala.  To celebrate the power of music videos, and their influence on fashion, let’s look back at some of the most fashionable Ugandan music videos of all time.

20. Together – Blu3

The maxi skirts the girls wore are what stands out in the video. If you’re follower of trends you know how stylish these skirts were back then. Some ladies paired them with ankle boots (a fashion disaster  right now if you try to imagine), and actually stole all the style points.

  1. Koyi Koyi – GNL Zamba

This video came out at the time you can aptly call the ‘gold age of hip hop’! Rappers such as GNL Zamba had just popularized a new genre of hip hop ‘Lugaflow’, and it was the coolest thing in all urban circles. Wearing oversize shirts, hooded jackets and baggy jeans was all the rage.

  1. Hotter than them – Zari Hassan

Before she was the power celebrity she is now, and indulging in sexy shoots with her boyfriend, Zari was a budding singer and performer. Not a huge contrast from what we know her for now, her music videos were a great display of her luxurious lifestyle and fashion sense. In this video, where she models her collection of Louis Vuitton bags and fleet of expensive cars, there’s nothing to write home about her singing skills. We can now agree in unison, that she made the right decision to do what she does for a living now.

  1. By the way – Sheebah Karungi

Sheebah is arguably the star of our time, both in her style of music and fashion choices. This video is no different. Lots of colour, the curly wigs and the sporty tops. If someone asked you what people wore in 2015, just look up this video.

  1. Byeebyo – Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool takes us into his world where everything is dark, and mysterious. He wears some really interesting things, showing off his toned body. He was styled by ace stylist Solomon Tazibone.

  1. Nkwaatako – Sheebah Karungi

Sheebah continues her reign as the fashion icon she’s truly is with this video. Well, it’s safe to say, in 2016 we actually had fun with fashion.

  1. Bread & Butter – Radio & Weasel

The hip hop movement was still fresh when this video came out. Oversize jackets and pants were the in thing. This song was a big hit in Kampala, and fashion in it became a huge trend too. The clothes just couldn’t fit,  but no one cared.

  1. On fire – Michael Ross & Vampino

Dancers were beginning to make bold fashion statements in music videos, and in real life too. You can notice the tiny little skirts and the ‘almost not there’ bra tops. I remember when Juliana performed in this tiny little tube top with a pair of savagely destroyed pants. If you saw this outfit right now, you would wonder what the heck she was thinking!

  1. Anfuukula – Grace Nakimera

Grace Nakimera has always been a pusher of boundaries when it comes to fashion. In this video, which was a huge hit, she wore a sequined wrap dress that made her chest area steal the entire show. Women followed suit, and began wearing ‘chest baring’ tops. Notice the makeup? That was a huge beauty trend back in the day.

  1. Stress Free – Eddy Kenzo & Faceeoff

Eddy Kenzo teamed up with his stylish buddy Faceeoff to put up this great music video. The rolled pants, denim shirts and blazers were a fashion trend for men around 2012. The time when we all colour blocked, and wore those hideous ‘Supra sneakers’!

  1. Jangu – Obsessions

We deeply miss The Obsessions’ love for art, and skillful manner in which they shared it. They were the coolest girls in town, wearing the coolest fashion ever. We’re talking thigh high boots, bandana head scarves and cute little tops. I don’t know what they call that hair, but it was a huge hair trend in Kampala as well that time.

  1. Nzijukira – Blu3

This was when fashion was getting edgier and riskier. Blonde wigs, over the top makeup and high-waist skirts were the coolest trends. Women were big on accessories, wearing as much of them as they could.

8. Trouble – Navio ft Dorah Mwima

Navio and his friends have never looked this sleek.

  1. Fantastic – Radio & Weasel

This music video had more art than style. What stood out was the big number of fashion models hired to feature in it. It was the time when fashion models were beginning to earn respect in entertainment circle. I guess you know some of the sexy models in the video.

  1. Woman – Juliana Kanyomozi

Juliana Kanyomozi returned after a long break from music with this chart topping music video which was all about her voice and dress. The slit on the dress was too high, it almost stole all the attention. Minimalism ruled in 2015.

  1. Wekuume – Obsessions

Despite the utter lack of actual clothing in this video, its fashion element is off the hook. The girls looked every bit tasteful in their little to no clothing. Obsessions was always pushing boundaries with their fashion choices, and it was one of the times they excelled at it.

  1. Hitaji – Blu3

There’s something about this music video. How music videos were beginning to sell Uganda on entertainment platforms all over the world. The girls wore leather outfits that made us all swoon with envy.

  1. Going out Tonight – HB Toxic

HB Toxic was a break away duo from The Obsessions with Hellen Lukoma and Brenda Nambi as members. The two bffs covered up for their limited musical talent, with an extravagant display of fashion. They ended up becoming formidable fashion designers, which isn’t very surprising.

  1. Locomotives – All-star song

This music video is a big fashion story of what was worn back in 2010, if my memory serves me right. Basically striped three quarter pants, scarves and printed sweater vests.

  1. Trouble maker – Ekky ft A pass

Ekky and A Pass take us back in time when disco was the in thing. She wears everything from faux fur to fringe and lots of accessories. The retro feel of the video makes for a great sight, with stylish men in suspenders and fedoras. This is the most fashionable Ugandan music video, and you have to watch it to see why.

What are your thoughts on this list? Do you have any other stylish music videos, you feel should have made the cut? Sound off in the message box below.

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