The 10 Sexiest Ugandan Music Videos of 2016

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This year has proved to be an extremely good year for sexy music videos. Every artiste has tried to add a little bit of sexy into their work, and you know how Kampala people love something to look at, they responded. There’s no doubt that artistes such as Winnie Nwagi have had a stellar year thanks to their overtly sexy music videos.

We’ve tracked down the sexiest music videos this year in one place for your viewing pleasure. From Winnie Nwagi’s sexy dance moves to Cindy strutting her stuff next to Kenyan singer Dufla, here are the sexiest music videos this year.

  1. Nteredde – Iryn

This video is a hot mess. Iryn is wearing rollers in her hair, and smoldering with tones of makeup. Everything looks out place, but that’s what makes it interesting to watch.

  1. Kyekiganye – Bebecool

Bebe Cool’s idea of a hot party is a bevy of sexy girls and a great dance routine.

  1. Tempo – Cindy & Dufla

The chemistry the two singers have in the video is just so natural. Watching the video as you listen to the lyrics, you won’t fail to agree, it’s super-hot.

  1. Lwaki Wekoza – Desire Luzinda

Desire Luzinda wears a bedazzling push up bra plus pair of jeans and dances away. Her body has never looked this hot, the hours in the gym surely paid off. Interestingly, this is the highlight of the video, everything else is tacky.

  1. Mbilina – Liane

What do you get from three ladies stuck in a room pulling all seductive moves imaginable?

  1. Magic – Winnie Nwagi

A magician is trying to impress Winnie Nwagi with his tricks as she dances away in a pair of sequined tiny shorts.

  1. Binyuma – Leila Kayondo & Hellen Lukoma

Sexy male models, fashionable clothes and two hot ladies in bikinis chilling at the pool.

  1. Go down – Irene Ntale

Irene Ntale and friends head to beach for one hell of a hot party.

  1. Nkwatako – Sheebah

There’s just something about this video and song. Infectious!

  1. Musawo – Winnie Nwagi

Arguably the sexiest music video this year. The curvy star put her frame out putting on an infectious dance routine.

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