Tattu on skin care and dealing with bad skin

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How do you deal with bad skin?

I regularly cleanse and moisturize my skin so most of the time it looks the same. Drastic change in weather definitely affects it especially in very hot months but I still stick to my routine.

What are your must have makeup essentials? Are you the brand kind of person?

I must have eyeliner and lip gloss. Dry lips and sad eyes? Not a fan. Yes I’m a brand person when it comes to makeup. Neutrogena products are dear friends of mine and I haven’t had any issues with them. Their cleansers, moisturizers, facial wipes and masks are the best!


Neutrogena products

You generally maintain shorter hairdos. Why? What is the secret behind rocking short hairdos?

I maintain short hairdos because I love natural looks. I also love comfort and with short hair, it comes so easily. Short hair is always a breath of fresh air. The secret behind rocking short hairdos is simple. Experiment different styles and use the hair as an accessory to match with your funky outfits.  It’s basically having fun with it.

Just be careful not to go overboard. It’s easy to look ratchet and homeless with peacock colors all in the name of experimenting and having fun.

What are the go to hairstyles considering  different face shapes?

Bangs look better on people with longer foreheads according to me. There are some that look good on almost everyone though. Braids work on any head shape.

Going bald is very tricky though. The shape of the head is very vital. People with round faces will look good when bald. Then every other hairstyle can work for anyone. It goes down to how you style it (straight, curly or wavy) and how much confidence you have to back it up.

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