Ready To Wear Your Favourite Brand on Your Sleeve? Because Logomania is back!

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Fashion is yet again breaking another important rule of “Less is more”, because certainly more is more now and maximalism is back in style. The highly popular ‘90s trend of wearing clothes filled with impossibly heavy logo detail is slowly crippling back on the radar. Just like many other trends, logomania was birthed out of the love for attention. It used to be that when you spent a huge sum of money on high-end designer accessories or clothes, you wanted to make sure everyone saw the brand you had just spent all that money on.

Brands are at it again, placing their brand names and logos on bags, belts, tops, and pants. It’s clearly a brand affair. Some of them are even getting political, creating t-shirts with statements such as “I am a Feminist”.

Whilst this is fun and exciting (read emoji-filled clothing), logos can be tricky to wear. Here are few rules to follow as you wear your heart (read favourite brand) on your sleeves.

  • Stick to one brand. The love for brands and their logos shouldn’t propel you to wear all the brands at once. A jacket with ‘YSL’ is just enough to show off your love for the brand. Keep the rest of the outfit muted in terms of logos and other detail.
  • When you choose to stick to one brand, go ahead and have one statement piece. You’ve probably chanced upon someone carrying a Louis Vuitton bag, wearing a Louis Vuitton belt and Louis Vuitton shoes. This becomes an overkill. One item is always enough.
  • Since it’s all about being maximalist, don’t be afraid to downplay your logos with a bomber jacket, adding edge to your cool outfit.
  • Rocking these symbols of luxury is impossible if you don’t look the part. This starts with getting designer stuff that actually look and feel like the real thing. It doesn’t have to be the real thing, that’s okay, but at least get something that looks believable. Logos and brand names that are wrongly spelled (read ‘Cucci, Versake et al) should be avoided.
  • A simple accessory such as a belt or wallet has a really huge impact. It’s a more tasteful way to show off your love for logos.

When to embrace your love for logos

This can pretty much be anywhere, as long as it’s an informal setting. Logo filled accessories such as belts and bags are very tricky to style for a formal look. Much as they easily add personality, it can turn into another attempt at trying too hard.

Logomania is all about attention, which means it suits women with that kind of personality and style.


The article originally appeared in Full Woman Magazine Saturday Monitor

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