Nominations for Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards are Now Open

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Here’s how to nominate your favourite fashionista or yourself for the 2016 Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards.
Social media.
The nomination process is being done through three main social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. To nominate your favorite personalities, simply upload the image of your nominee to any of the three social media platforms, give a reason why you want them to be nominated, in the particular category, and sign off with the hashtags “#Asfa2016 #Asfahappeningagain.­”
Using the wrong hashtag not only invalidates your vote, but also makes it impossible for us to track it down. Do ensure that you maintain the proper order and use of the hash tags.
The public nomination bid holds a 35% decision will, and the 65% decision will is held by the ASFA Committee panel.
Nominate by Email.
You can also nominate your favorite personalities, via email, by simply sending us a nomination bid of your preferred individual to info@abryanzstyleand­
Please attach a portfolio, with images and profile, for each individual that you do nominate.
#Abryanzdresstoinspi­re 2016

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