My Style: Tonny Sekabembe – Day 4

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Meet our Tonny Sekabembe, our style star this week who loves everything dapper. But that’s not all. He goes ahead to tailor all these suits he wears.

I am 24 years old, currently in my fourth year pursuing a bachelors degree in Civil Engineering at UCU.

I describe my personal style as dapper and exquisite with a creative touch. I design and tailor the suits I wear.  My creative process starts with talking to my client about what they want. It’s from that interaction that I choose the fabrics, detail and the design.

My style is inspired by the urban afropolitan classic man who is sensitive about what he puts on his body.

Interestingly I’ve never had issues juggling this with school. School is priority one then fashion comes next but I did my tailoring classes for the whole of my first and second year of campus. It’s then that I had a bit of challenge juggling the two. Right now everything just falls into place freely. 


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