My Style: Angela Atukwatse – Day 2

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I’m a student at Makerere University  pursuing a bachelors degree in Industrial art and design. I also own a clothing line called GloAngie Wear that features everything off-the-shoulder and African print dresses.

I describe my style as simple and sporty. I always keep everything simple and smart.  I adore Malaika Nnyanzi’s style because she understands her body, and dresses it beautifully. 60% of what I wear is made by me.

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  1. Andrea Andrea sooknanan

    November 24, 2017 at 1:59 pm

    Your style is good but so many multiple colours its look like you are in a carnival outtake try to blend in in your colour one at a time like plain white on dress and Larry pants will look good for afternoon walk the boots is same as the clothing you look like a top boy I would not wear such clothing my style is vulger but one man meat is a another man poison

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