Meet Eth, The Fashionista Whose Music You’re Just About To Get Obsessed With 

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He’s quite popular on Instagram and Snapchat, (eth lawinsky as his handle) and his personal style is quite unique. His Music video Kunya on which he features Sheebah is also doing well on the charts. Meet Eth, the fashionista whose music you’re just about to get obsessed with. Well, that’s if you haven’t listened to his 2015 release ‘Enanga’ yet.

We had a chat with the young music star on style, his music influences and more.

When did you start singing? 

I started off my music career professionally in late 2015.

We knew you back in the day as a TV star and fashionista, what pushed you to become a recording artiste? 

My journey as an entertainer started on TV and radio. I like to believe that was the foundation that opened doors for me to start what I had always wanted to do – music.

We’re loving all the fashion in your new music video for Kunya. Who put together those outfits? 

Kunya Video outfits were really unplanned. We wanted to portray our individual style, but of course I always like working with new fresh stylists and on this particular one I worked with Allan Lee who runs the “Handsome Wardrobe” store. He’s got a fresh vibe to his work that I wanted to have on board.

How do you describe your personal style? 

I would like to say simple but eye catching not forgetting comfortable.

How does your personal style influence the fashion in your music videos? 

Good question! My style plays a big role  in the videos. I know what I want, and it’s pretty easy for stylists to put together outfits for me because of that.

Which stylists do you usually work with? 

I usually work with Posh by KC and most recently Allan Lee.

How did you land that collabo with Sheebah? She’s a very big name in the industry? 

Haha,that’s the question so many people ask. It’s not a big deal though. I reached out to her management and they were highly welcoming of the idea and boom “KUNYA” was created.

How has the song been received so far?

The reception has been mind blowing, people have been so accepting of Sheebah and I. I guess it’s because they never saw this coming.  And, that’s the icing on the cake.

Who are your influences musically? 

I would not like to tag myself to a specific genre, I like to believe as an artist you’ve got to be versatile so the sound keeps changing!
It’s artistry at the end of the day. Musically i’m influenced by powerful vocalists such as John Legend mostly.

What other projects do you have lined up for 2018? 

Expect to see more of me in 2018.  More surprises.  It’s about to be a roller coaster ride.

You have a really cool sense of style, what are the hottest fashion trends right now?

Fashion is forever revolving. It’s a cycle. Retro is huge now, and will continue to be even in 2018. We’re talking turtle neck sweaters, tiny shades, puffy jackets and more. Then the essentials; Jackets are forever a thing, one should own 2 or 3 jackets in their closet. Then, all black everything, you can never go wrong with that.

Watch Kunya here

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