Manning up: The Grooming Talk

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I hope everyone is fresh today, no exceptions. Well,  grooming is a very personal topic and we could step on a few nerves when it comes to telling men how to do it. For females, the rules are pretty clear, for the men,  it’s an exploration of uncharted territory. We usually tailor our bodies according to what women like. We hit
the gym and lift alot of metals to chisel our muscles. I heard a lot of women like that. We keep our chest hair or we don’t.  I heard women like that too. The hair?  depends on who we are trying to hook up. White women love our ruggedness so dreadlocks should be a staple. A woman not looking for surprises will want you clean-shaven and your
shirts well pressed. A woman who loves you for you will not care what you look like at all,  but it helps to brush up on a few edges so she can know you are atleast putting in a little effort to make things work.

That is not to say there aren’t a couple of rules no one is above. One of them is that pubic hair is a no no. No one finds it appealing and there’s no such thing as an acceptable level. When you get the chance , it’s the eggshell look all the way. Another golden rule is to never smell like you. Find something you can smell like. Like a coniferous
plant for example…or even tea massala. The way human beings were meant to smell isn’t that appealing. We like to invest money in a good body scent. It gives us power. No matter who we are, we like to stand out. We like the woman to turn twice , so great soap and a perfume or deodorant is a must. If you think about it being
costly, always remember that women invest way more into their bodies than we do. The least you can do is make an effort..

The mark of a real man is keeping it simple but still having little things about him that stand out. Not everything should scream for attention. It could be that well shaped beard, it could be the glint from a watch on your wrist. It could be a great shoe . It could be how your clothes fit. It could be a rare ornament or obviously a unique refreshing scent. Do not try to put everything on at the same time. I’ve heard women don’t like that at all. Invest in the right things and the moment you think something is not working for you, drop it. Fashion is freedom. It’s pointless shaving with a Gillette razor that you don’t know how to handle when you can have a regular razor give
you the shave that makes you feel your chin all day.

The last golden rule is to stay clean no matter what look you decide to go for . It’s a universal rule.

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