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Malaika Nnyanzi is Satisfashion UG’s Most Stylish Woman of 2017

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There’s no doubt that the pages of this site love media personality turned fashion star Malaika Nnyanzi. Famously called ‘Laika’ thanks to her days on The Urban Fashionista, Nnyanzi is successfully earning her stripes and reputation as a style icon. Revered for her sartorial choices on the red carpet, always collaborating with local designers to put them together and her quirky off-duty personal style, Nnyanzi is the ultimate fashion ‘it-girl’.

Her Instagram page is a photo album depicting her simple off-duty style, albeit purely organic. This is exactly why it’s quite easy to relate to her. She’s just like us!

Fashion is quite an unforgiving industry. You’re either a fashion girl, or you’re not. Nnyanzi is a fashion girl. Just the other day, she shared a list of designers she has worked with throughout her time in the spotlight, and it seemed like it was everybody. Just this year, she has worn everyone from Kai’s Divo Collection, Ras Kasozi, Brenda Nambi, Black Creations and more. And every time she stepped out, a fashion moment happened. Check out our list of the Best Red carpet looks of the year for your perusal.

Seeing that we are all about celebrating our local creatives, Nnyanzi stands for everything we are all about. Her creative eye for everything chic, the personality to go with everything she slips into, and the fearlessness to not be afraid to go out of her comfort zone (you remember that Ras Kasozi deconstructed dress). That’s why Satisfashion UG readers are crowning her with the title of ‘The Most Stylish Woman of 2017’.

See some of her fashion moments below.

The Ras Kasozi deconstructed dress



Congratulations Malaika Nnyanzi with a double N at the beginning!


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