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Lupita Nyong’o might just need to fire her stylist after all

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This is bad, but let’s establish something first:

“Max Osterweis first conceived of SUNO, a New York based womenswear label, in 2008 after witnessing post-election violence in Kenya. Utilizing the vast collection of Kenyan Kangas that he had been collecting for years, Max joined forces with designer Erin Beatty to launch a high-end collection with a conscience.

SUNO utilizes the local talent of Kenya, India, Peru and New York to create a collection of unique prints, textures and embroideries.”






We assumed as much the second we laid eyes on this outfit. It definitely has that feel of being inspired by indigenous cultures. And we certainly can get behind Miss Lupita working in that style realm and supporting that kind of designer. But while the fabric is really gorgeous and suits her extremely well, we simply can’t get behind the shape here. Those pants are truly awful. And for some reason, the matchy satiny pumps are the worst part of the look – although that collar and neckline is pretty bad too. If this fabric was rendered in a gown or even a simple party dress, we think she would’ve killed it, but this just looks odd and awkward.

And while we generally try to shy away from putting her in a style box or lapsing into cliche, we think this might have been better served with some natural  jewelry and a pair of sandals.

This PAINS US, darlings. Not even her hair and makeup are looking good here. Oh, Lupita. Let’s forget this ever happened.


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