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Lingerie/ Wellness Brand to know: Nina Mire by Nina Mirembe

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We’ve all learned that Youtube is the source for every kind of tutorial, from wellness to beauty.  You get to download or watch the videos without so much stress, anytime anywhere. One YouTube channel that has inspired me to start my own fitness journey is for our very own, Nina Mirembe. In her videos, she shares tips on how to get those toned abs. She does it so effortlessly, just like the former beauty queen she is. (As I sweat and swear heaven on earth to quit eating junk food. And how I wish calories would scream while we burn the sharks out of them).


Her career as a fitness/ lingerie model started when she won the Miss Uganda Beach Beauty title  in 2012. She has never shown any signs of stopping since then. In 2014, she was nominated for the Abryanz Style Fashion Awards. She currently owns and runs her own bikini and lingerie brand, Nina Mire’.

She designs crotchet garments for events such as festivals, swimwear, beach accessories and casual outfits.  You can checkout her Instagram page Nina Mire’ for more.


But don’t forget to subscribe to her YouTube channel (Nina Mirembe) and workout hard for that perfect bikini body. Let’s get that off our 2018 list or resolutions, shall we?

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