Manning Up: The Art of Jerking Off

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This is a very sensitive topic. Different men will approach it differently. Well,  how exactly do I ease you into this with as little consternation  as possible?  Jerking off can be a result of a few things and some of them being but not limited to your girlfriend being in that time of the month where she sleeps on white bedsheets and wakes up on a Japanese flag. When  you can’t find any other alternative to release sexual tension and  when you are vividly stressed. Another more dreadful scenario is if you don’t have a girlfriend at all. That is the worst. However ,  please remember, that no matter your reasons, it should never become an addiction.

What exactly goes through a man’s mind when they jerk off?  Mostly it’s because it comes without the incessant whining  and continuous petty demands of a female.  To some people the end justifies the means and as long as the frog men are let loose,  little much else matters. I repeat. Do not be  that kind of man. Follow the rules. Keep it clean and don’t shoot into anything you still wear,  it will never feel the same. Do not shoot into tissue either. Most importantly,  do it in a personal space. Just because it’s part of natural order doesn’t mean you should start scaring people into not  giving you handshakes.

It’s hard not to sound bland but I hope you get the pointers when it comes to taking matters into your own hands and I hope I’ve been of help. By the time you read this hopefully your girlfriend will have returned to normal settings and you won’t need this guide
anymore…but keep it around for next month too. You never know when it’ll come in handy.

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