How To Wear Tassels

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The festive season is almost here which definitely means lots of fun and colourful fashion trends are in our midst. Tassels being one of the standout accessory details during fashion season, is no doubt one of the trends to look out for or try during the festive season. They aren’t anything new, but as fashion’s cyclic nature keeps on giving, we are set to see lots of them in the weeks to come.

A tassel is a pendent ornament consisting of a bunch of threads or strands hanging from a knob. They are often used as accessories on necklaces, earrings and more. However, this season we’re set to see this interesting detail on shoes, bags, clothing and pretty much everything.

Designers are giving them a festive worthy feel with bright and fun colours. Whichever colours tickle your fancy, you’re most definitely going to find tassels in it. During Kampala Fashion Week, accessories designer House of Thandi had tassels on everything from collar grazing earrings to necklaces. Don’t hesitate checking their new collection out.


Attend the season’s hottest parties in a pair of sandals with dangly tassel detail. There’s no better way to add fun to your shoe game. Tassels can be found on both heeled and flats, so feel free to indulge.

Bags and jewelry

Tassels look great on purses and jewelry. Supposing yours is a quirky personal style with a knack for unconventional detail, tasseled jewelry and accessories are a must have. With them it’s so easy to infuse your unique personality in your sartorial choices.


Tassels can be found on shorts, maxi skirts, dresses and almost every piece of clothing. The most interesting being bathing suits. Swimming has never been so chic! From boho to edgy, with tassels you can’t fail to achieve preferred style choice.

Tassels can also be found on home décor; from pillows to curtains and more. You can give your home décor the accessory update everyone is wearing. Indeed, there’s every reason to look out for the festive season which is just a month away!

This article first appeared in Full Woman Magazine Saturday Monitor 

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