How to Mismatch Your Shoes on Purpose and Not Look Stupid 

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Just when you think you’ve seen all the weird trends, something new pops up. Mismatched shoes are happening, and you better get ‘in formation’ before you get left out. It all started with mixing prints and colours and the enthralling effect it came with has now stretched to shoes. Thanks to brands such as Celine that sent out models clad in mismatched pairs of shoes during the SS18 season and celebrities such as Naomi who wore theirs on the red carpet, we can officially say the trend is happening.

Weird aside, this is a fun thing to do. Like we’ve shared above, it stems from fashion’s love for mixing and matching. To ease into it, start with mixing different hues or colours such as black and white. Also, don’t go all in right away. Start with your gym shoes which you can mismatch on purpose just to see the reaction of your colleagues. Slowly try out other options after that.

Mismatching can be done in colours, prints, detail, heel shape and many more. As long as both shoes fit right, you’re doing it right.

How to mismatch your shoes on purpose

  • It’s not easy to find mismatched shoes that weren’t meant to be mismatched. The first option is to go out and buy a pair of mismatched shoes. The shoes are designed to look like they aren’t really mismatched but a set of shoes complementing each other. This is the easiest way to do it, albeit really expensive.
  • You can also take the weirdly cool option of buying two pairs of shoes and wear one of each. Consider a timeless silhouette you won’t mind owning twice and make sure one pair is neutral to the other.
  • Colour block, or print block. Whichever option tickles your fancy. Think of mismatching your shoes as an opportunity to add fun and colour to your feet. Wear a pair of prints that look good together. The shoes could be of the same colour but with straps of different colours or prints.
  • Truth is, this is something made for brave fashionistas. People especially here in Kampala might take long to take it in, so carry with enough confidence to walk with pride. Confidence is the only accessory you need to pull this off. Otherwise, who is ready to mismatch their shoes on purpose?


This article first appeared in Full Woman Magazine Saturday Monitor

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