How To Make Mom Jeans Look Modern

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In case you haven’t noticed yet, one of the hottest jean trends right now are ‘mom jeans’, which have for long been known for being unfashionable and unflattering to the wearer’s figure. This 80’s trend is already so popular, it’s fast becoming a uniform on street style stars.

The reason for the return of the trend is not so surprising though. The jeans are classic, add a bit of edge to any look and their high-waist feature helps to make the wearer’s waist look smaller. It’s a total breath of fresh air from the now ubiquitous skinny jeans which can be uncomfortable to the wearer some times.

Mom jeans are characterized by a high-waist, wider bottom and a straight cut. This ultimately favours all body shapes, you don’t have to have a tiny waist, or raised butt to wear them. Also, the straight cut and wider leg make them really comfortable to wear.

The most popular styles come in washed out colours with no designs at all. However, new makes of these jeans now come in more modern styles and makes, some with detail. The beauty of these jeans is, they are classic and will probably continue to be on trend even years to come. How to wear them and still look modern is everything you need to make the trend work.

How to make mom jeans look modern
– Mom jeans are actually fun to wear. You can be a style chameleon in them, switching from a 2017 inspired look to an 80’s style queen in an instant. It’s all about styling your look according to what tickles your fancy.

– According to Kibuuka Angela, a style blogger at, Style is all about creativity and making elevated versions of nothing into something. Mom jeans are like a uniform from the 80’s, everyone owned a pair. When you pick out a top to wear with them, make sure the jeans compliment the hue of the top in a flattering way. They are called mom jeans because they are unflattering, your role is to make them flatter your body.

– Wear your mom jeans with shoes that add a flair of elegance. Usually this is the deal breaker, a pair of pointy toe heels will instantly make you a modern fashion girl, while a pair of flats will give off a retro 80’s vibe. Consider the style of the shoes, as that’s the charm of the look.

– Mom jeans come in a number interesting makes lately, for example rips and damages are common now. In case you feel your mom jeans still look like ‘mom jeans’ when you wear them, consider giving them a few rips, or patches to make them look more modern.

This article originally appeared in Full Woman Magazine/ Saturday Monitor

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