Happy Independence Day

How To Dress Like a Fashionista This Independence Day Weekend

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We’re good citizens who take pride in our country’s independence. This weekend we’re bound to be thankful to those who put their lives on the line during the struggle for independence. We’re most certainly going to watch the national celebrations on TV and also recite the national anthem. While at it, we’re surely going to be aptly dressed for the occasion. Wondering how?

Wearing our national colours is one of the easiest ways to celebrate the day with your style. It should never be boring because these three colours are standouts. You can style a yellow blazer with black flare trousers and red shoes for your church outfit this Sunday. It’s about mixing and matching these colours. Don’t be afraid to do just one of them, and keep everything else simple. Most importantly, wear your pride on your outfit because nothing short of the best can do on a day like this.

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Happy Independence Day!


For Him


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For Her 

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