How To Be a Successful Fashion Model – Aamito’s Model Master Class – Part 2

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Last Sunday was no ordinary day, Aamito and Joram Model Management held the first model master class in Kampala. Aspiring and working models, fashion enthusiasts and the general public descended upon The Square in Industrial area to attend a one of a kind class. During the almost daylong event, tips on how to start a career in fashion and the creative arts were shared by a panel.

This is part 2 of the series. See part 1 here.

Jessica Mumford 

The dance instructor shared her story of how she left Uganda to study dance in New York, and after graduating her entire world collapsed on her when nothing happened for a whole year. She shared with models expert tips on how to move their bodies on the runway, how dance and modeling are co-related and perfecting their craft.

Hassan Ssentongo

Hassan is the creative director of this site. In his submission he shared his journey of how he got into fashion writing and blogging and how models too can explore the opportunities in blogging.  “Treat yourself as a brand, that’s the first recipe for success, “he noted. His tips for models were; “use social media to brand yourself in the right way, create relationships with bloggers and writers to have a good rapport and also learn as much as you can.”

He also hinted on the new wave of insta –models who are using Instagram not just as a marketing tool for their brands but also other brands, creating revenue streams that supplement their income as models.

Jessica Mumford’s body movement class

Samson Baranga

Samson started as a photo journalist with the Observer and only started blogging about fashion a few years ago. He advised models to pursue their dreams when they’re still young and with little or no responsibilities. He also emphasized the importance of utilizing the potential of social media such as buying ads to reach a bigger audience.

“Be humble, network as much as possible and also have a good relationship with the media, “he shared.

Emolsa and Isingoma Leumas, the team from Kampala Fashion Week

The two gentlemen gave models tips on how to deal with rejection. “Be professional not personal. Treat rejection as redirection, and come back next time as someone else,” they shared.

Halima Namakula and Collin Huffner Matovu

Aamito is the face of WAWI, a project that’s reaching out to young and adult women with fistula. Halima Namakula and Mrs. Matovu shared their experience working with the model and the how models can use charity projects to grow their careers.

Mrs. Matovu shared that models need to understand that their career is a business and should be treated as so. So, it is important for them to engage in charitable projects.

“You have to look like what you want to be. If you’re going for a casting, dress and look like the model you want to be, “ Halima Namakula noted.

Tatiana’s makeup class

Aamito Lagum

The star of the day, supermodel Aamito Lagum spoke last. She started by sharing that her modeling dreams didn’t start at Africa’s Next Top model, but when she was 16 years old. She trained for Arapapa, and dived into the local industry in Uganda. She did almost all the local shows and events until Africa’s Next Top model came calling. So, by the time she went for the show, she had already established a herself as one of the top models in Uganda.

These were her tips in brief

  • Nobody cares in this industry. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a bad day. What the client requires from you is to deliver and nothing else.
  • You need to have strong pillars as a person.
  • It’s not easy. And some people won’t get it. Just like my mum, she doesn’t get it but she’s always there to give me a shoulder to cry on regardless. You also need people that get it to give you the push when things aren’t going well.
  • Do as many test shots as possible. I didn’t work for 3 months when I arrived in New York. It was a traumatizing experience but during that time I was doing test shoots till I got on the runways.
  • When working abroad, you’re going to deal with racism. The industry is only getting diversity to sink so, you have to be prepared to be referred to as ‘the black girl”.
  • Rejection is everywhere. I’ve lost more jobs than I’ve made. It’s just the order of the day.
  • It’s not going to pay at the start, but the fruits will come after all. Don’t give up.
  • Dealing with phobia on the runways: Let it drive you to get better. After all, God can’t be given something you can’t handle.
  • Be humble and have a great attitude towards life.
  • All models have a signature walk, work on yours and perfect it.
  • Yes, fashion modeling is a business that you can earn a living from.
  • Don’t stop learning. Educate yourself and surround yourself with people that inspire your creativity.
  • The four most important things you need in order to make it are; persistence, consistence, attitude, and patience.
  • When going for castings, wear black jeans and a white t-shirt. Black makes you look slimmer. Don’t spend a lot of your money on what to wear, although avoid looking cheap.
  • Have self respect, know your values and live by them.
  • Acting and modeling are co-related, so if you can try out acting as well, it can make you a better model.
  • Lastly, visualize your dreams. I remember writing somewhere that I had to win a competition which I called Face of Africa. I went on to win Africa’s Next Top model. So, visualize your dreams and they are going to end up coming true.

Shane’s photography classes

Throughout the interaction, questions were welcomed and answered right away. Perhaps the most important take home from the class was that, modeling is a career that has potential to transform you as a person, not just financially but intellectually. Also, Aamito opened our eyes on the unglamorous side of the job, which many aspiring models overlook.

The class ended with practical lessons from dance and body instructor Jessica Mumford teaching models how to walk and use their bodies for the job, Tatiana giving makeup lessons and Shane teaching models how to work with light and their bodies to produce great images.

We are eternally honored to have been part of this initiative, and hope to partner with Aamito and the team, on any projects aimed at taking our fashion industry to another level.

“Thank you for coming in big numbers, and you never know next time I might invite Naomi Campbell,” she said in her final remarks.

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Satisfashion UG was a media partner of this master class.