How To Be a Slay Queen

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Social media is not what it is without slay queens, a new phenomenon of sort. Besides getting involved in social media wars that give us entertainment through hilarious comments, what they do also ‘gives us life’ and we get all these countless ‘goals’. If you don’t take pride in being a slay queen, it is high time you did, because everyone now wishes they were one.

So, we took a crash course on ‘Slayment’ just so you don’t go through the hustle (it’s not easy by the way), and here is a complete guide on what it means and takes to be a slay queen. Get a pen and paper and take notes.

First of all, who is a slay queen? A slay queen is a young lady (or gentleman) that gives people a hard time breathing because of how good they look. Basically, their life on and off social media is so fabulous that it’s completely difficult to contain. You just can’t…! They look good in almost everything they wear, and attract so much attention in the process.

Now, let’s break it down

Heavy makeup
Have a MUA (MUA is makeup artist) on speed dial, as they have to always keep your eyebrow ‘on fleek’. If you can’t afford one, invest in a good kit and skills to apply every day of your life. You can’t afford to have a ‘bad makeup’ day because that’s how ‘they slay those b***s’. You have to wear so much makeup that it almost becomes an extension of yourself.

Seek attention on social media
Slay queens live for social media. In fact, without social media slay queens have no purpose. However, social media is all about seeking attention and on this, you have to take center stage. Seek attention in a classy way though. Attack other queens, you feel don’t deserve the attention they have. People will start following you, then talk about you then you’ll have their attention. And then, you’ll slay them!

Shorten every word in your captions, don’t spell
I mean you are queen, a slay queen for that matter. You don’t have to go through the trouble of figuring out if it has to be ‘your or you’re’. Just use ‘yo’. Your captions on social media have to be so easy to digest, but mean a lot. For example “I work hard nd play harder. You cnt come here on social media nd claim a dude finances my lifestyle. Yo just a jealos babe tryna seek attention. Shoutouts to all hardworking women out theya. #Bossgirl #Goals

Don’t believe in stable relationships
A Stable relationship for what? No man deserves all that royalty unless they are king. So, have fun and while at it, break as many hearts as you can. The future is always brighter.

People should know you for what you post not what you say
What you post on social media is enough, you don’t have to say a word to prove you are queen. It doesn’t matter if you can’t construct correct English sentences. Ask those people faulting you for your poor grammar to share the number of Instagram followers they have. Hashtag “#TakeAsit

How many likes do you get on your posts on social media?
If you can’t get at least 1000 likes on each of your posts on social media, you are not slaying, they are slaying you. Work on your social media. Garner as many followers as there can be, and these will be translated into likes on your posts. Getting more followers is easy. Post only painfully good pictures, with interesting captions. Also, once in a while get involved in social media wars. Those are very helpful.

Instagram and SnapChat filters
If you can take a course in filters, do. Filters help to make your photos look extremely attractive. Attractive enough that your followers will be forced to click like, and share a comment as well.

No dull moment
With a slay queen, there should never be a dull moment. You have to make life seem so simple and full of fun. I mean who else is going to be enjoying time at the spa on a Monday morning.

You’ve got to be as fashion forward as they come. Look up the latest trends and set them before any other slay queen tries them. Wear only ‘expensive looking’ clothes, and style them like you are being photographed for Vogue.

Live large
You are queen, what else do you live for. Take trips abroad, post photos of yourself at exotic sandy beaches, wear the most expensive looking clothes. You have to give them ‘goals’ and ‘life’, that’s how to slay. Hashtag ‘#BossLady #Hardwork #TheGrind #SelfmadeBoss #Goals

Hang with only the coolest crowd
This is very important. Choose your circle wisely, keep it small and go ahead to post on social media how you now have ‘a small circle of friends.’ Hang with only the coolest people. If you can, choose your friends according to the number of Instagram followers they have. The friendship might just earn you 1000 followers or more.

Do you have more tips on how to be a slay queen? Sound off in the message box below.

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