How To Be a Fitness Supermodel According To Daniel Joao 

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Meet Daniel Joao, one of the top fitness/ underwear models in Johannesburg signed to Ice Models. In 2014 he named the sexiest man in South Africa by Heat Man and has worked with everyone from David Tlale to all the top brands in SA.  He surely knows a thing and two about fitness modeling, so we tapped him to help us answer the tough questions.

1. Who is a fitness model?

A definition of a fitness model to me is a person who makes a conscious decision to exercise consistently with intentions to change the lives of others through fashion and art.

2. What’s the difference between a fitness model and the ordinary fashion model?

There isn’t much difference because I believe that anything that’s ordinary can be extraordinary all it takes is extra time and extra work hence the word extra is in extraordinary. Fitness models usually model underwear because their physique and appearance while fashion models do runways and other clothing. It doesn’t mean that one can’t be both though.

3. How did you get into it? Were you scouted? Or…

When I’m asked that question the first thing that pops into my mind is “I was never scouted I was chosen” we were all chosen for a specific purpose on this earth and all we have to do is connect the dots to understand exactly what it is that we were put here for. I played rugby, soccer , cricket and was also a fast swimmer during my childhood. Sports and exercise have always been the cornerstone of my craft.

4. How has been your experience?

The experience so far has been totally exciting I’m meeting young innovative people that also love and understand what I do. Sometimes it’s hard to find yourself around the right people so fitness is a mechanism I use to attract the right people into my life.

5. what are some of the projects you’ve worked on?

Because of my consistency with my fitness life I was honored to be announced as the sexiest man in South Africa for Heat Man sexiest man 2014. I was also a finalist for the Cosmo sexy man. I’ve walked for the likes of David Tlale on the run way and more but I must say fitness has made it easier for me to acquire these things.

6. What tips do you give aspiring fitness models out there?

The most important muscle is your brain don’t limit yourself go as far as you can and always put your mind over everything.

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