How I Learned to Love My Imperfect Skin

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In my quest to find the perfect skin, there is nothing in this world of beauty I have not tried. From harsh skin creams to daily skin cleansing, toning and moisturizing regimes to expensive exotic facial treatments and everything in between, I have tried it all.

I was happy with my young, youthful, glowing skin with its smooth baby like feel until I said hello to puberty! At just the time I needed my face to stand out and show its true beauty, it became infested with all manners of pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. Like this was not enough, my once beautiful skin seemed to exude large amounts of an oily substance that left my face unnecessarily shiny; leaving me looking like I applied thick layers of oil day in, day out. How I hated what my once vibrant skin had morphed into! I struggled a lot with this ‘new’ skin that was quickly imposing its ugliness on me. In my mind’s eye; I needed to find a solution to restore my skin fast to its former glory before I became the ugly duckling amongst my peers, thus began my descent into the world of beauty soaps, creams and lotions.

I subjected my skin to all types of harsh treatments including; poking, probing and prodding every pimple that dared to show itself on my skin. This only worsened my severely scared face taking a toll on my already fragile esteem as well. The things we do for beauty!  After years of experimenting with all types of beauty solutions to skin problems, it is a wonder I survived the dreadful bleached skin because the rate at which I was using every recommended product was reckless and careless. Lucky are those who have flawless skin without even lifting a finger or coin to do anything extreme to achieve it. Thank God for your genes!

But for the rest of us normal human beings, achieving the perfect skin is one hell of a journey of dos and don’ts, trials and errors, fails and misses. Over the years I have come to appreciate the fact that skin types differ from one individual to the next. The catch is in finding a beauty regime that is especially suitable for your skin type and sticking with that. Understanding your skin type and complexion helps you quickly and without fuss find appropriate beauty products that will allow your skin to flourish beautifully. Nonetheless, for a boost in confidence on a bad skin day, there is nothing that a little dash of makeup will not fix. Makeup covers a multitude of faults and it is one of life’s little pleasures that is welcome every time I need a perfect blemish-free look.

I have learned to embrace my skin with all its breakouts and complexities knowing that my skin type is prone to these skin disturbances every once in a while. Besides, they say beauty is only skin deep, I am convinced I bring much more to the table than my flawless or not so flawless skin. My skin, with all its perfections and imperfections, is only a fraction of who I am as a person. I bring with me my personality, character, experiences, skills and a whole lot more.

I am a vibrant, free spirited, down to earth girl with a zest for life, people, music and beautiful things. I live on the creative, adventurous and sunny side of life finding humour in the mundane and details of all that life offers.

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